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    Exclusive Rank Quest! Do simple quests,
    increase rank and get rewards!

    Special Reset Reward!
    Damage, HP, DD, REF +2% each 5 resets!

    General Information
    Version: Season 12 Full
    Regular Experience: 30x
    Master Experience: 40x
    Max Regular Level: 400
    Max Master Level: 500
    Monster Item Drop: 20%
    Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 32000
    Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+
    Points Per Level: 5/7
    Web Item Shop: OFF
    Grand Resets: OFF
    In-Game X Shop: ON
    Offattack / Offleveling: ON
    View of 3D Camera: ON
    Antihack / Anticheat: ON
    Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF

    Dynamic Experience
    0 to 20 reset experience: 30x (100%)
    21 to 40 reset experience: 27x (90%)
    41 to 60 reset experience: 24x (80%)
    61 to 70 reset experience: 20x (66%)

    Reset Information
    Command /reset in game
    Level: 400
    Price: 5kk Zen
    Free stat Points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 400
    Free stat points MG, DL, RF, GL: 420
    Reward: 50 Wcoins
    Special Reward: Damage, HP, DD, REF +2% each 5 resets
    Max Reset Count: 70

    Additional Information
    MG, DL, RF, GL Create Level: 190
    Command /offattack resets require: 1
    Command /offattack Max Time: 8 hours
    Server Gameplay Features
    Party between Gens D and V Allowed
    Party Builds: Bronze, Silver, Gold
    Non PvP Maps: Lost Tower 1 - 7, Karutan
    Battle Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Kanturu 1 - 3, Vulcanus
    Battle Maps Experience Increased +30%
    Battle Maps Excellent Item Drop Increased 2x
    Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
    Shadow Phantom Max Level: 300
    Shadow Phantom Max Reset: 10
    MuHelper Minimal use Level: 30
    Guild Create Minimal Level: 300
    Monsters and Bosses Power Adjusted
    Monsters Count per Spot: 5 - 8
    Spots in all Maps except Arena
    Cash Shop is Balanced, No high Exp Boosts
    Get 5 Goblin Points every 10 minutes Online
    Get 1 Credits every 1 hour Online
    Item Wear Level Requirements are Removed
    Store and Offstore Sell Items for Wcoins
    Offattack System Level up while Offline
    Pack and Unpack Jewels with Custom Commands
    New Sets: BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 8/1/21
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