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MU Mới Ra Muo Play --- Server X1000 Fast --- [launch] 10.10.2022 New

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  1. MuoPlay New Member

    Quality and Interesting game is the value of MuO Play [X5 NonReset, X200 Slow, X1000 Fast],
    Freebies for new characters, Many great features: Quest System with leveling road,
    New Jewels, Jewel Bank, Automatized Monthly Events, Market,
    Lag-free and long term, Join the Opening of our project Today.


    New Server by MuO Play is going to be opened on 10 October!
    Stats do not delete after reset, dynamic exp and unique bonuses after grand reset.

    MuO Play Server X1000 Fast - Opening 10 October

    Game Specs:
    Version: Premium Season 15
    Experience Regular / Master: 1000x / 1000x
    Max Level Regular / Master: 400 / 800
    Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3
    Low Performance Mode: Button F9
    Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 and Karutan 1,2
    Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
    Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted
    PvP / PvM all classes Adjusted
    Elf Soldier Max Level / Resets: 400 / 3

    Earn or Spend Coins:
    Web Item Market: Sell your items to other players
    In-Game Xshop: Buy (reduced % Buffs, Pets, Seals), Extras
    Personal Store: Sell items to other players in game
    Offstore: Sell your items to other players while being offline
    Vote Reward: Earn free Coins by voting for us
    *We do not have webshop to buy ready items.


    ::: Link Web ::: https://www.muonlineplay.com/
    ::: Link Guides ::: https://www.muonlineplay.com/guides/


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