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    Mu Blast Online
    Mu Blast Online
    Mu Blast Online

    Opening will be June 3 at 18:00

    Experience an accelerated rate of x99999 to progress rapidly and dominate the game. Customize your character with 65,000 max stats and unlock powerful classes. Engage in intense battles, form guilds, and conquer challenging events. With a variety of new sets and weapons, Mu Blast Online delivers an exhilarating gameplay experience. Don't miss out on the excitement—join us on 3rd June!

    Server Information

    • Version: Season 6
    • Experience rate: x99999
    • ML experience rate: x1000 (Premium: x1300)
    • Drop rate: 80% (Premium: 90%)
    • Max Level: 15,000
    • Max ML Level: 800
    • Max Reset: 400
    • Reset Reward: Bloodangel Item and 2500 Wcoin
    • Max 3 accounts per IP
    • Max stats: 65,000
    • Points per level: 6/7
    • Mu Helper: Available from level 10
    • Guild Creation: Requires level 1000
    • Max players in a guild: 15/20
    • Max Guild alliance: 1
    • Minimum users for alliance: 10
    • Create MG/DL/RF: Requires level 10 for each class
    • Dark Elf respawn in Refuge: 2 minutes
    • All new Sets and Weapons have Sockets
    • Max 5 optional Sockets
    • New Level and Reset System
    • Level Up Type system
    • /Classe (change Class) command available
    • Max number of players in Blood Castle: 15
    • Max number of players in Devil Square: 15
    Blood Castle and Devil Square, two challenging events, welcome a maximum of 15 players each. Test your skills and teamwork as you battle against formidable adversaries and claim valuable rewards.

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