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    Goblin Mu Online server low x100 OPENING on OCTOBER 18

    Goblin Mu is an international private Mu Online server. Players from many countries internationally!

    Web Item Shop does NOT include Full Option Items. It is maximally limited.

    Server is based on season 9 server files. Some people could ask: why not the latest versions?

    So as an answer on this is we believe there are many players who love to play older seasons

    without all the new classes and items but still not the oldest ones. Meet you all in game!



    Facebook Fanpage:

    Game Guide:

    Basic Information:

    Version: Full Season 9 Premium

    Experience: 100x regular / 20x master

    Maximum Level: 400 regular / 330 master

    Spots: all maps (press TAB to see on minimap)

    Monsters, Goldens, Bosses: adjusted power

    Non Pvp Maps: Losttower (1-7), Karutan 1

    Battle Maps: Kanturu Ruins (1-3), Karutan 2, Vulcanus

    Character Create Levels: MG, DL, SUM, RF 150

    Items: level requirements for 380 & 400 removed

    Mu Helper: Use from level 1, costs 100 zen * level each 5 min

    Elf Phantom NPC Buff: can use till level 350

    Guilds: minimum level create is 200

    Multi Warehouse: 0 to 5, usage /ware 1

    X Shop: very limited - no jewels, no exp seals, only pet + ring exp

    Resets: 400lvl * 2kk zen, stats clear, 500 free stats * res, reward 20 credits

    Grand Resets: from 50 resets, stats clear, reward 14000 credits

    Additional Information:

    Dynamic Experience:

    Party Experience Bonus:

    Chaos Machine Rates:

    VIP System:

    Web Itemshop:

    In Game Xshop:

    Website Features:

    Game Commands:

    Check our Website to read more about these

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 16/10/21

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