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Game Private Dragon nest awk lv93

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  1. kyonaoru New Member

    Address: Dragon Nest Private Server,12 job,,Professional Dark Awakening skills,Exclusive engraving system, general equipment, point equipment, armor, weapons, jewelry can be engraved, exclusive awakening, dark Avenger turned, silver hunter turned, dark priest turned, dark Master turned


    1: exclusive engraving system, general equipment, volume equipment point, armor, weapons, jewelry can be carved.

    2: Refining system, according to the percentage of equipment to improve the property, integrated system, decomposition of the city room.

    3: equipment synthesis system, L-level is not the end, grow beyond your imagination, synthesis can be deformed.

    4: really do 1000e damage, break the restrictions, there is no false restrictions.

    5: synchronized national dress UI, New Year new weather, it is necessary to see the new, open all new old lair.

    6: Special businessmen Pania can be added to synthesize to upgrade clothing weapons and three-piece deformation.

    7: unique silver, gold, diamond VIP exclusive magic gain, exclusive title, all free access, small difficulty (attribute bt).

    8: open the new clothes, the new old lair, smart ai, the original chaos, a variety of super nest. The following are the same as the "

    9: line 93, perfect blasting rate, welfare, brush map party, PK.

    10: see our novice tutorial. We launched

    Engraving system, refining system, all clothing, runes, upgradable properties, the player's attack up to 100 billion attacks.

    Clothing, weapons and equipment can be upgraded to +40. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

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