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    ArchangeL MU OPENING 1 APRIL!


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    ❕ GET FREE 1000 CREDITS ❕

    All Boss Respawn every 1 hour, WebShop: ON, Xshop: ON, Market: ON, Full Option Items: ON, Vip System: ON, Long Term No Wipes, 24/7 Uptime, Lag-Free game guaranteed.

    Basic Server information:
    Experience: x3000
    Master experience: x1000
    Drop: 40%
    Maximum level: 400
    Maximum master level: 350
    Points per level: 5/7/7
    Points per master level: 2
    Maximum stat: 32000
    Mu Helper: from level 1
    Mu Helper cost: 150 Zen * level
    Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count
    Monster Spots in all maps
    Elf Soldier buff Till: 300 level
    Create level MG, DL, RF, Sum = 1

    Reset System:
    Reset level = 400
    Reset limit = UNLIMITED
    After reset: stat points clear
    After reset free stat points = 500 points * resets
    Reset reward = 50 Wcoins
    Wcoins CAN be exchanged to Credits
    Reset cost = 200k Zen * resets

    Download Game Client Here:
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 30/3/21

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